The wild olive tree

The wild olive tree


The wild olive tree
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The wild olive tree is a shrub or bush, a cousin of the olive tree. Known as the wild olive tree, it is characterised by having stronger and more robust stems, wider leaves and a more vivid and intense colour than the olive tree.

Its scientific name is Olea Europaea var. Sylvestris. In fact, if an olive tree is left to grow wild, over time it will take on the characteristics of a wild olive tree.

The fruit of the wild olive tree is the wild olive, a smaller olive. The wild olive tree produces less fruit than the olive tree. It forms part of the landscape and the Mediterranean forest, together with holm oaks, carob and cork oaks. Although it is very unusual, it can reach up to 10 metres in height. However, it usually grows as a shrub or bush.

Like olive trees, this species is very hardy, tough and leathery. Drought and high temperatures are not a problem, although it does not tolerate cold and excessive humidity. Some specimens even have thorns.