Four main reasons for buying the organic extra virgin olive oil of Suerte Alta.

Family ProductionFamily Production
Organic FarmingOrganic Farming
Seal SIQEV-QvExtra InternationalSeal SIQEV-QvExtra International
D.O. BaenaD.O. Baena

100% of what we bottle is produced in our family estate.We do not buy olive oil from third parties and bottle it as our own. This allows us to control the entire process from the flower to the bottle and in this manner achieve the highest quality EVOO.

Furthermore, we have a heritage dating back to the XIVth century when our ancestors conquered the land where our olive grove lies today. 100 years ago the first olive grove was planted and the current owner, Manuel Heredia Halcón, upgraded the family business by introducing an irrigation system, by designing and contructing a mill (Manuel is by profesión and architect) and by launching the two brands Cortijo de Suerte Alta and Marqués de Prado.

100% of our production is organic. For us organic is not a fashion or something to profit from by having one line of olive oil as organic while the rest is conventional. For us organic is a conviction which we have kept for the past 25 years.

Our bottles bear the SIQEV seal. This seal is given by QV Extra! an international association of olive oil producers that have come together to set higher standards than those demanded to extra virgin olive oil, such as acidity being below 0,3% instead of 0,8%. Our EVOOs have acidity below 0,2.

We belong to the oldest denomination or origin of Spain, the Denomination of Origin of Baena. We are proud to be able to claim that in our denomination we have won in the last 14 years 12 times the Golden medal and twice the silver medal.