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Before deciding to buy our coupage organic extra virgin olive oil you may want to know a little bit about the characteristics and tasting notes of this EVOO.

This EVOO is produced with the olives from the oldest olive grove of the estate. Trees planted in the traditional manner with three varieties endemic of Baena: PicualPicudo and Hojiblanca.

We are speaking of an EVOO that is characterised by its complexity; we like to compare it with a symphony. The three varieties are naturally mixed in the countryside. This natural mix is one of the secrets behind the aromas and special nuances we find in this oil.

Gráfico Sensorial Coupage


The Picudo gives a sweet entrance and hints reminiscent of fruits such as the apple. The Picual gives it ́s bitterness; bitterness due to it‘s high level of natural antioxidants. It presents hints of green olive leaves, green almonds, tomato plant and citrus. The Hojiblanco gives a peppery flavour in mouth and throat and hints of artichoke and herbs.