Spanish olive oil

Spanish olive oil


Spanish olive oil
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Andalusia is the region that produces the most olive oil in the world. 76% of the oil produced in Spain comes from Andalusia. There are a total of 12 denominations of origin in this community, among which the Denomination of Origin Baena, where Cortijo de Suerte Alta is located, stands out. The designation of origin controls and certifies the authenticity of our EVOO and its origin.

There are different zones in Andalusia where different varieties of oil predominate.

Zone 1 or Picual. - The Picual variety predominates, characterised by being the strongest with bitter, slightly spicy flavours and notes of tomato, green almonds and citrus fruits. It includes the province of Jaén and the regions of Iznalloz (Granada) and Bujalance (Córdoba).

Zone 2 or Hojiblanco. - The Hojiblanca variety predominates, characterised by being the mildest, with sweet flavours such as banana and fruit mush. It is a sweet fruity variety. It covers the province of Cordoba (except for the regions of Bujalance and La Carlota), and also the regions of Estepa (Seville), Loja (Granada) and Antequera (Malaga).

Zone 3 or Western Andalusia. - This zone is not dominated by one variety, but rather by four different varieties, making it the most heterogeneous zone. It covers the provinces of Huelva and Cadiz, the province of Seville (except the region of Estepa), and the region of La Carlota (Cordoba).

Zone 4 or Eastern Andalusia. - In this zone the Picual and Hojiblanco varieties, already mentioned above, predominate. It includes the province of Malaga (except the district of Antequera), the province of Granada (except the districts of Iznalloz and Loja) and the province of Almeria.