The olive tree

The olive tree


The olive tree
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The olive tree is a tree with a short, twisted and thick trunk, with a branched and very wide crown, reaching up to 10 metres in height. Its leaves are evergreen, green on the outside and grey on the inside. Its flower, known as rapa, is white and very small, grouped in clusters. Its fruit, the olive, is fleshy and oily, from which olive oil is extracted. It is a tree of great longevity, living for thousands of years. The oldest olive tree on the peninsula is found in the town of Ulldecona in Tarragona. It is estimated to be 1702 years old.

It is an autochthonous species of the peninsula, perfectly adapted to the Mediterranean climate. The enormous olive tree plantations in Andalusia contribute to creating a sustainable ecosystem in this area.

The olive tree is a frost-sensitive plant. It does not tolerate temperatures below -10ºC. It tolerates high temperatures well, although they can be detrimental at flowering time.

Finally, the olive tree has a very important cultural role in our society. It is a symbol of identity and has played a transcendental role in our culture. In his poem, ''Arbolé, arbolé``, Lorca refers to the olive tree as a dry tree on the outside, due to the appearance of its robust trunk, but green and alive on the inside.
Arbolé, arbolé
seco y verde``.
Aceite Fresco