Olive oil can

Olive oil can


Olive oil can
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There are many ways to bottle olive oil. For consumers, the packaging of the olive oil is related to its quality. Cortijo de Suerte Alta does not use plastic as a container, what we use is a packaging according to the quality of our extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Thus, our olive oil is bottled in glass or cans.

Even though plastic is lighter and cheaper, the quality of the olive oil is affected because of the migration of the plastic to the EVOO. As an anecdote, once by mistake, a sample of our olive oil was sent to be analysed in a plastic container instead of the usual glass bottle. Although the olive oil was in contact with the plastic only for three days, plastic residues in the analytic made were very high.

Glass is hermetic, chemically and thermally stable. Its inconvenient is that it is very heavy and more fragile than plastic or tin. It is also necessary to tint it to protect the olive oil from the light, because the oxidation progress is accelerated by light which leads to the degradation of the olive oil.

Cans are a very appropriated packaging for the olive oil.

The reasons are:

  • The material is perfect to conserve the olive oil because the EVOO is protected from light and there are no migrations.
  • It is much lighter and more flexible than the crystal, reducing transport costs and storage.
  • Environmentally it is a very interesting material because it is very easy to recycle and due its lightness it helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

We have three different EVOO varieties in Cortijo de Suerte Alta:

  • Marqués de Prado: Arbequino that is bottled in glass bottles and cans
  • Coupage Natural, Cortijo de Suerte Alta, only bottled in glass
  • Picual, Cortijo de Suerte Alta, bottled in cans and glass