Arbequina Olive Oil

Arbequina Olive Oil


Arbequina Olive Oil
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The origin of the Arbequina Olive Oil

The origin of the Arbequina olive oil comes from the village of Arbeca, in the Leida region of Les Garrigues, where its name has the origin.

There are some legends about the origin of the Arbequina. One of them says that James I bring the Arbequina to Catalonia from Mallorca and his subject, the duke of Medinaceli, who was the sir of Arbeca, planted this variety in his fief. Another legend is that the Arbequina was introduced by the duke of Medinaceli, Sir of the Arbeca, who brought it from Palestine in the XVIII Century.


Current production of Arbequina Olive Oil

There are 75.000 has in Spain currently devoted to produce Arbequina Olive Oil. It is the most cultivated variety in Catalonia, and it is one of the ten most produced varieties in Spain. Its production is increasing because this variety is well suited in the super intensive olive grove, it enters quick into production and it has a sweet taste.


Organoleptic Arbequina Olive Oil

Before continuing, it is crucial to explain that when we talk about organoleptic characteristics of the Arbequina olive oil we are talking about the sensory characteristics of Virgin Olive Oil (VOO) or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) of the Arbequina´s variety. Only VOO or EVOO have positives sensory attributes. The refined olive oil has got neither aromas nor flavours. What is bottled as “Olive Oil”and what is available on supermarket shelves is made by 90% of refined olive oil and 10% of VOO or EVOO. This olive oil has positive sensory attributes due to the small percentage of VOO or EVOO.

The Arbequino VOO and EVOO is characterized by its mild flavour compared to other varieties as Picual or Hojiblanca and its aromas and flavors which above all remind us to fruits. The Arbequino EVOO is characterized by rip banana, fruit puree and green banana in nose. Sweet entrance in mouth, and different fruits. If the Arbequino is high in polyphenols, a spicy aftertaste will follow. Depending on whether it is a ripe fruit or green fruit the prevalence in mouth will be of ripe banana and fruit puree or green banana and green apple.


Olive Oils of similar varieties to Arbequina´s Olive Oil

Other Olive Oils that also have fruity notes and remind to the Arbequina Olive Oil would be in Spain the Arbosa, the Leccino in Italy and in Tunis the Chemlali and Chetoui varieties.


What is the organoleptic of Suerte Alta´s Arbequino EVOO?

In Suerte Alta we have added to our Arbequino a small portion of our Picual, about 15% to increase its complexity, polyphenols and stability.

The Arbequino gives a sweet entrance followed by a characteristic spiciness in mouth and throat and its aromas remind to green apple and green banana.

The Picual gives its soft bitterness due to its high level of natural antioxidants, and aromas of green leaves, almonds, tomato tree and citrus.


How we produce our Arbequino, Marqués de Prado

The olives to produce this EVOO comes from our estate El Cañuelo which is in Seville, nearby the village of Mairena del Alcor. In this meadow we have planted a low-density hedge, 750 plants per hectare, without irrigation and organic, keeping up with the environmental tradition of the family company. The production of this olive grove is approximately one half of a conventional irrigated super intensive olive grove, but what we are looking for, is an olive oil with high level of fruitiness and polyphenols above those of a conventional Arbequino. Our Arbequino is about 400ppm of polyphenols.