Marqués de Prado - 500ml


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Campaign 2023/2024

Box with 6 glass bottles


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Produced with two varieties: Arbequino and Picual. The Arbequino EVOO is produced at an olive grove that was planted in 2012 located at our Sevilla estate. This is a super high density olive grove without irrigation. The fact that it is a rainfed system implies that the trees are more stressed. This results in higher levels of polyphenol levels being found in our EVOO when compared to an average Arbequino EVOO. We are speaking of an Arbequino with a personality of its own that in 2019 won the Honourable Mention at Ovibeja. The Picual EVOO is produced at an olive grove that is between 10 and 40 years old. This is an intensive olive grove with density of 205 olive trees per hectare. The olive grove has been planted by Manuel Heredia Halcón, the current owner, in our Cordoba estate. 

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Box with
6 bottles
Gráfico Sensorial Arbequina


The Arbequino is sweet at first followed by a medium-intense peppery flavour in mouth and throat. It presents hints of green apple and banana. The Picual gives it's bitterness; btterness due to it‘s high level of natural antioxidants. It presents hints of green olive leaves, almonds, tomato plant and citrus.